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The true value of Provestra's™ all-natural elements is in improving sexual desire, healing menopausal symptoms, and ensuring better orgasms. Those are the reasons why it is widely recognized by the medical society.

Nowadays, doctors are starting to appreciate the benefits of 100% natural herbal solutions like Provestra™.

According to the findings of the numerous studies there are evidences that these natural solutions get REAL results, with no well-known harmful side effects!

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Anna Lepeley, PhD, CSCS, CISSN

As a distinguished exercise and nutrition expert with a proven background in nutrition, biochemistry and the science related to the libido-enhancing supplements, Anna holds a doctorate in Exercise Biochemistry from Trident University.

She also specializes in the physiological and biomechanical aspects associated with libido and physical sexual performance, including their manipulation through a proper diet, supplementation, exercise and lifestyle itself.

Anna also holds a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology from Florida International University. Anna has been evaluating research results and scientific literature related to the sexual arousal potential determined by nutraceutical and dietary supplements for almost a decade.

As a respectable speaker, Anna has attended numerous conferences, challenging the myths behind the so-called aphrodisiacs and ingredients of libido-enhancement solutions. Anna has also contributed to the work of libido-enhancing supplement companies, legitimizing the components with scientific results and translating the mechanism behind components' efficacy for potential users.

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Dr. Karen VieiraWomen interested in improved libido, sexual sensation, lubrication and overall joy can now turn to Provestra, which is a safe and effective solution designed to restore and optimize female sexual performance. Provestra is designed with a number of proven ingredients that can benefit to your passion and desire.

Women's sexual health is a complex field, and many people wrongly associate a lack of sexual desire with the psychological issues. In fact, this is very often not the case. Actually, properly balanced blood circulation, optimized hormone, and increased lubrication are all required in order to restore female libido. Without any or all of these elements, women may fail to reach “the right mood”. Their male partners may feel unwanted. The best possible solution is simply a restoration of your sexual health.

Rather than accepting the negative effects of absent libido, women can try the best sex of their lives with the help of Provestra. Each element serves its own specific purpose. Damiana has proven itself to be a powerful aphrodisiac and has been applied to restoring female libido for many years. Kudzu includes phytoestrogens and balance optimal estrogen levels. Ginseng is a circulation improver and may optimize male hormones that have a significant role in female libido. Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C) improves estrogen levels and reduces unhealthy estrogen elements. Several other elements have extra benefits that contribute to the full effects of the formulation.

I strongly recommend Provestra for all women interested in improved sexual desire, increased lubrication, pleasure and multiple orgasms.

Dr. Karen Vieira, PhD, MSM
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