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Having Troubles Reaching Orgasms?

Men can experience their climax quicker, easier and faster than females. Although women can experience multiple orgasms, the simple truth is, it can still be extremely difficult to reach a climax on their part.

What you can see in movies and read in books that women can reach orgasms without too much trouble; this is simply not true. This is reason many females tend to fake their orgasms just to please the ego of their male partners.

There are two ways of how women can achieve orgasms. Based on research of Sigmund Freud, the pioneer of psychoanalysis, there are two options for achieving an orgasm, we are talking about vaginal and the clitoral orgasm. Most people find it hard to tell a difference between these two when they are in the middle of achieving climax.

The inability to experience an orgasm is called anorgasmia. This is a common problem for women who are in their late 20s to 40s. In the majority of cases, it can be psychologically related due to stress, lack of positive self-confidence, inability to communicate successfully with your partner while having sex, no foreplay, use of medication, or because of the poor circulation.

If you have problems achieving orgasms one of the reasons is you're not up to it. The lack of desire to have sex is one of the most important reasons why women never have an orgasm. One way of solving this problem is by taking female libido enhancement pills such as Provestra. This improves sexual desire and ensures women enjoy sex more.

Most females achieve orgasms through clitoral stimulations while some can only achieve orgasms through penetration and stimulation of the G-spot. Whether they are vaginal or clitoral, the orgasms should feel pleasant and enjoyable. The trouble is if a woman cannot reach orgasm, is she sexually abnormal?

A woman can reach a climax or not; either way she cannot consider to be sexually abnormal. Difficult reaching an orgasm is common, and it is something you can solve. Here are some solutions that can help you reach that Big "O":

Relaxation. Stop worrying about your body or what your partner may think about you. You just have to eliminate all those negative thoughts and enjoy your sex.

Lubrication. Inadequate lubrication can cause pain, eliminate the pleasure felt by a woman. Using lubricants can be a nice way of solving this, but using them before sex could ruin the moment. Trying a libido supplement such as Provestra as efficient female libido enhancement pills can stimulate your vagina to improve lubrication. Taking these pills before going into bed helps you improve lubrication with no need to use cumbersome jellies or lotions.

Be adventurous. Follow your sexual fantasies -- but talk first with your male partner!

Hormonal balance. Hormones play a crucial role in all of the most important body processes, including our sex life, as well. They can influence the lubrication and more importantly the women's mood for sex. Using a female libido enhancement pills such as Provestra helps females achieve optimal levels of hormonal balance. Other benefits of applying Provestra natural solution include regular and less painful periods, reduction of hot flashes, no mood swings and more powerful orgasms.

Explore your body. You should explore and touch yourself in order to find out what gives you top pleasure. You should also explore your G-spot. It is somewhere behind the pubic bone area, approximately 1.5 to 2 inches inside of your vagina. There are also other sensitive areas through with some women can achieve orgasms with a simple touch such as the breasts, neck, legs, and others.

Allow him to help you. You have to let him know what exactly you want and more importantly how you want it. He is ready to give you the maximum pleasure immediately, but you have to help him out.

Help yourself. In case, the penetration is not enough for you, do not hesitate to help yourself and stimulate yourself. Your partner will even be grateful for it.

Do not miss the foreplay. It will take a longer time for females to achieve orgasms than men. Foreplay is an excellent warm up for you to shine sexually.

Exercises. It is not only essential for the healthy heart, but it can also strongly influence your sex life. Proper exercises can increase circulation in your organism and release endorphins (mood chemicals). A regular 20 minute walk is more than enough to get that blood circulation efficiently.

Sexual contact should be enjoyed by both parties and there is no better way to enjoy the moment than by reaching an orgasm. In case, you still find it hard to reach orgasms, using Provestra natural supplements can ensure that women reach their orgasms and look forward to their next sexual encounter.

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